Star WIFI Power Pack

 Star Wifi Power Pack

Designed to provide USB power for external 3rd party dongles, thereby minimising externalcables and reducing power sockets required.
The Star WiFi Power Pack provides a compact and low cost, simple WiFi solution for any Star LAN printer with DKconnector combining the advantages of the well-known 150 Mbps Wireless N Nano Router from TP-Link poweredby Star’s DK-USB printer link.
The TP-Link supports AP (default), Client, Router, Repeater and Bridge modes,while Star’s DK-USB connects to the  Cash Drawer DK connector with“pass-through” capability for full cashdrawer functionality including Low cost WiFi now available on Star’s full rangeof LAN printers from the lowest cost TSP143LAN to the traditional  TSP650, TSP700, TSP800,TUP592, SP700 Series and any other modelswith a DK connectorDK-USBTP-LinkWR702NTSP143 LANwith WiFi Power Pack and straight psu cable

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