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NCR Hybrid Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale

The NCR RealPOS High Performance Hybrid Bi-Optic Scanner/ Scale leads the way with superior performance and flexibility NCR’s hybrid technology couples laser scan lines with the latest in imaging technology to provide you with a high-performance scanner that can not only aggressively decode your traditional 1D bar coded items, but also manage 2D bar codes and mobile devices. This hybrid technology creates a seamless scanning interaction for both assisted service cashiers and consumers at self-checkout.

pos scanner data management NCR Hybrid Bi Optic Scanner

Hybrid technology offers the best of both worlds
With NCR’s hybrid technology, both the lasers and imager work in conjunction to search out the bar code. The scanner transparently passes on the information, regardless of which  technology detects the bar code first—there are no buttons to push or scanning modes to worry about. This allows the scanner to leverage the high- performance lasers to carry the bulk of your daily scanning, while offering the flexibility of accepting mobile coupons and mobile loyalty, as well as driver’s licenses and other 2D bar code scanning.
Performance you can count on
This scanner features NCR’s Optical Effects Technology (OFX) that drives more laser scan lines at greater lengths and angles to dramatically improve performance. The resulting dense pattern captures and reads even difficult bar codes, including those that are small and truncated. OFX coupled with hybrid imaging technology ensures a high-performance read rate and an overall productivity boost for all users.
• Exceptional investment protection
The NCR RealPOS High Performance Hybrid Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale is designed to meet current retail requirements as well as future needs with its single footprint design and modular  upgradeability. This scanner can be upgraded after install to a scale model, enabled with electronic article surveillance deactivation, or advanced to the latest hybrid scanning technology with imaging – allowing it to grow with your business.

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