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POS Terminal Retail

POS Terminal Retail

Infused with stylish design elements and rugged mechanics, FEC touch, POS terminals make up a comprehensive product line a variety of designs and a wide range in performance. You can choose from Fan-less, Performance or Wall-mount POS terminals with plastic or aluminum housing, some with plexi-glass acrylic coats to provide the right look for any industry.  Gladius is a performance, versatile POS terminal. The industrial mechanical design concept combined with aluminum chassis, small footprint and various optional integrated peripherals makes Gladius the best choice for both Hospitality or Retail applications.

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POS Terminal Retail

The POS PC series has been meticulously designed to perform versatile POS applications. Equipped with rich I/O access to support various peripherals, FEC provides customers with a variety of all-in-one options. From Fan-less to Performance platforms, this series presents many value added features. 

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